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VitalGUARDNG is formulated with a precise variety to ensure your engines stay up and running, be it an on-road vehicle or construction equipment that needs to be out in the field. VitalGUARDNG is engineered to reduce your downtime and improve your profitability. At a price of five cents per gallon, VitalGUARDNG is the best premium additive package currently on the market.



VitalGUARDNG contains robust detergent additives to help keep fuel systems clean and prevent build up, keeping engines performing optimally.

  • Improves fuel efficiency
  • Restores lost horsepower
  • Can help extend the life of fuel
    pumps and injectors


VitalGUARDNG has injection stabilizer additives to mitigate fuel oxidation issues in newer fuel injectors, preventing internal diesel injector deposits (IDID) from forming.

  • Lessens the need for filter and injector replacements in new engine technologies, including modern, high-pressure, common rail direct injected fuel systems
  • Reduced downtime and maintenance


Cetane is a measure of diesel engine storability. The higher the cetane number, the quicker the fuel will combust. VitalGUARDNG contains highly effective cetane improver additives to keep engines running smoothly.

  • Engines start quicker in low temperatures
  • Reduces rough running
  • Helps decrease engine noise and block smoke/exhaust


VitalGUARDNG includes storage stabilizing additives to help extend the storage life of diesel fuel, and also reduce gum and varnish build up.

  • Helps fuel tolerate temperature extremes
  • Can extend diesel fuel storage life by up to 6 months


Lubricity improving additives protect against friction and wear from #2 diesel on the fuel pump. VitalGUARDNG contains rugged lubricity improver additives as part of their blend to help protect engines.

  • Protects moving parts from excessive wear
  • Helps extend the life of the fuel pump


Demulsifying additives mitigate water in the tank by forcing it to the bottom, where it can be more easily drained and removed. This reduces damaging moisture from continuing through the fuel system and combustion chamber. VitalGUARDNG emulsifying additives work hard to keep fuel clean and dry.

  • Eases removal of water from storage tank
  • Reduces wear on filters and injector parts
  • Helps prevent the formation of biological contaminants in storage tanks


VitalGUARDNG contains corrosion protection additives that work to prevent rust on wetted metal parts of the fuel storage tank, transfer pump and injection systems.

  • Reduces maintenance and replacement costs for damaged injector pumps
  • Improves the life of diesel fuel by slowing the degradation caused by oxygen exposure
  • Prevents leaks, blockages and breaks in metal parts caused by corrosion