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Roberts Energy Can Help You Keep Your Diesel Fuel Tanks Clean and Free of Water and Bacteria

Springfield, MA, December 4th, 2017 - The prevalence of ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel makes it critical to have your fuel storage tanks cleaned regularly. Because sulfur is a natural biocide, its virtual absence in modern diesel fuel leaves little protection against bacterial growth in storage tanks. Condensation, to varying degrees, occurs in all fuel storage tanks and the byproduct of this process - water - is where bacterial growth in a tank will form. Water and bacteria diminish fuel quality and make storage tanks susceptible to rust and clogged filters.

Additionally, condensation is more prevalent in climates like the Northeast's where temperatures, especially during the colder months, vary greatly between daytime and night. If a storage tank becomes tainted with water and/or bacteria, the fuel in the tank - when transferred to machinery and vehicles - can clog fuel filters and injectors, cause mechanical damage, and lead to engine failure.

Roberts Energy's tank cleaning program can protect tanks from these issues and reduce future exposure to these risks. By utilizing centrifuges, coalescers, and multistage filtration, Roberts has fuel polishing technology to remove water, bacteria, and non-combustible particles from storage tank fuel. To adequately maintain a tank and to maximize storage efficiency, we recommend cleaning fuel storage tanks once a year.

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