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The Polar Vortex Will Bring Arctic Blast to the Northeast - Please Take Steps to Ensure Safe, Uninterrupted Fuel Deliveries

Springfield, Mass., January 29, 2019 - Forecasters are predicting that the Polar Vortex will deliver an arctic air mass accompanied by plummeting temperatures to the Midwest, South, and Northeastern United States over the next few days. The arctic air mass is expected to impact the Northeast between the evening of Wednesday, January 30 through the late-night hours of Friday, February 2.

When temperatures plunge below freezing, bringing icing and flash freezing, the team at Roberts Energy would like to remind customers of the following steps that can help ensure uninterrupted fuel deliveries as well as the safety of our drivers.

During arctic air mass events, please keep the following in mind:

  • Frozen fills or fills covered in snow may cause fuel orders to be undeliverable, resulting in delayed delivery times
  • When plowing snow at a station, be sure to clear enough of the area to allow delivery trucks ample room to maneuver
  • To keep our drivers as safe as possible, please keep delivery areas well sanded and salted
  • Unmaintained delivery sites, power outages, and mechanical breakdowns due to extreme cold may affect delivery schedules